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This weekend, we’ll be hosting a Democratic Freedom DataDive in New York in partnership with Omidyar Network and the Knight Foundation. Together, we’ll be working with three organizations focused on promoting government transparency, affordable housing and combating extreme hate groups. Because we may have a full house this weekend, please continue to check this blog for the latest updates on event capacity if you are local and planning to attend!

We’ll update the text below and the image above to let you know if we’re full or if we still have room for more DataDivers to attend. 





What’s this DataDive all about?

Advances in data science, machine learning and predictive technologies offer organizations working to protect democratic freedoms unprecedented opportunities to leverage data to achieve their mission, scale their work and help build a more just and equitable world. In response to recent discourse and policy in the U.S. targeting vulnerable groups and threatening our democratic institutions, we’re hosting a DataDive in partnership with Omidyar Network and the Knight Foundation, with support from Bloomberg, DataRobot, American Airlines and Neonto. This DataDive aims to support the work of the organizations below working to promote democratic freedoms in the U.S. Here’s a sneak peek at the projects we’ll be working on:

  • Center for Responsive Politics, Financial Disclosures
    Develop a process to identify nuanced patterns in politicians’ personal financial disclosures, making this information more valuable to political journalists and public watchdogs who track these activities.
  • Center for Responsive Politics, Political Ads
    Track when special interests purchase political ads in order to create an open, public tracking tool for newsrooms around the country.
  • Los Angeles Mayor’s Office
    Identify illegal housing conversions in service of protecting vulnerable tenants. 
  • Southern Poverty Law Center
    Develop a methodology to measure volume and interest in hate content online and monitor how effectively hate sites are exploiting Google Search.

Learn more about DataKind’s focus on using data science to promote democratic freedoms.

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